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    Blake is happy-go-lucky and loves playing with trains, watching Barney, and chasing after his big sister, Paige. When Blake was a baby, his parents were concerned because he was very quiet and did not seem to be interested in people; he seemed lost in his own world.


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    When CSAAC met Mary in 1981, she was a 22 year old living in isolation at Crownsville Hospital. Undaunted by her diagnosis and institutional designation, CSAAC welcomed Mary into its programs where she received appropriate supports designed to equip her with the skills and competencies to allow her to thrive in the community. Mary made a smooth transition into CSAAC’s Residential and Supported Employment programs and has never looked back.


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    Gary has held a full-time assembly job at a national tech company for more than 20 years. He takes great pride in using public transportation every day, arriving on time and ready to work.

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    CSAAC’s In-Focus Photography Program received some amazing media attention and recognition.  Read about the program and its successes.

Mission Statement: To enable individuals with autism to achieve their highest potential and contribute as confident members of their community

Latest News

CSAAC Easy Food Prep Class

8:33am on February 10, 2017

CSAAC offers a variety of life skills classes.  One of the many classes offered is the “easy food prep” class, instructed by Christopher Wedding and Kerri Kimbrell-Silva.  With the help of the instructors and the staff, this class gives the individuals an opportunity to prepare healthy snacks.  The individuals have prepared such snacks as [Read more]

Dance Night for Autism

Go to: to get your tickets now through the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Box-office !!!A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to CSAAC!!!   [Read more]


CSAAC’s Executive Director, Lawrence Rossomondo has launched a new initiative which provides him with opportunities to visit with direct support professionals throughout the residential program!  The primary focus of these visits is to recognize the efforts made by the residential direct support professionals and appreciate the important contributions they make each and every day!  [Read more]

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