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    CSAAC would like to introduce you to our new feature – “CSAAC in 100 Words.”  Meet Blake and learn about his successes in CSAAC’s Early Intervention Program.

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    CSAAC’s In-Focus Photography Program received some amazing media attention and recognition.  Read about the program and its successes.

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    CSAAC expands its reach beyond Maryland and assists in the start-up of an Early Intervention clinic in Nigeria

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    Sometimes individuals with autism have a hard time expressing their wants and needs.  Learn how CSAAC strengthens communication skills

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Mission Statement: To enable individuals with autism to achieve their highest potential and contribute as confident members of their community

Latest News

InFocus Group

On August 27, 2014, the CSAAC “In-Focus” Photographers: Brian, James, Matt, Jimmie and Joe, along with their support staff: Agyemang Nkrumah, Alexander Boateng, and Rene Gonzales had the opportunity to visit the Montgomery County Airpark for a photo-shoot.  This photo shoot was led by In-Focus Instructor and Co-Founder, Craig Pardini.  This was a rare [Read more]

CSAAC’s Annual Picnic

11:56am on August 20, 2014

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