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Community School of Maryland

The CSAAC Community School of Maryland is a non-public school that provides educational services to students with autism. Located in Brookeville, Maryland, the Community School of Maryland provides educational services in a beautiful, modern educational campus. This 12-month program is non-graded and provides full day and residential special education and related serves. School students range between 6 and 21 years of age.  Students receive vocational training that includes school-based and community-based job opportunities.

CSM Landing PageEducational instruction and related services are provided in compliance with Individualized Education Programs. Speech-language, occupational therapy, psychological services, and other related services are provided on site and in the community. Instruction is facilitated using functional approaches that increase skills in core subjects while preparing the student for inclusion in their communities and integration into the workforce. The Community School of Maryland educational programs are approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. Classrooms are licensed by Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services and the residential facilities are approved and licensed by the Developmental Disabilities Administration. The Community School of Maryland is also a member of Maryland Association of Non-Public Special Education Facilities (MANSEF).

The Community School of Maryland campus extends over 9 acres in a park-like setting with ample opportunity for exploration and learning. In addition to classrooms, the sprawling campus has an occupational therapy center, a speech and language center, and a full-sized gymnasium.  The campus has structured areas for play tailored to the needs of younger students and learning areas devoted to transition related educational experiences for older students.  The school’s proximity to suburbs and cities allows for community involvement and the opportunity to apply the functional skills that are developed in the classroom.

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