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EPIC Baseball Moment! – by Javier

The Nats played against the Milwaukee Brewers at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. on July 27th.  Game started at 12:05pm and did not end until 3:30pm – such an exciting game!

I was at the game with Craig, Gary, Hans, and Sam. We witnessed a historic moment in the bottom of the 3rd inning. The Nats were up to bat and they scored 4 straight home runs of the 5 home runs in that inning. The Nats went through all nine players in their line-up that inning, meaning they went a full rotation in the 3rd. The Nats not only made a historic record as a team with four straight home runs, but later on in the game, Ryan Zimmerman, first baseman,  tied with Hall of Fame, Frank Howard “Hondo” for the most runs in D.C. baseball history.  The Nats won over the Brewers 15-2, causing the Brewers to lose 1st place in the NL Central division, while the Nats maintained 1st place in the NL East division.  On top of seeing a great game, we had seats in the 200 level, next to the concessions stands, which made it convenient getting hot dogs, hamburgers, nachos and beverages!  We all had a GREAT time!


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