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Funding Initiatives

Want to make a difference at CSAAC but you’re not sure where your generosity can do the most good?

We can help.

In addition to the option of simply making a General Contribution to CSAAC to help us maintain proper services for all of the individuals supported at CSAAC or a donation to the Legacy Fund which will help ensure the long-term sustainability of CSAAC, we have evaluated the needs of the organization and have developed a menu of choices for you should you wish to contribute in a more focused manner.

Currently there are five areas where your support is most needed. Please click on the Project Summary links to read a short paragraph which outlines the goal for the initiative as well as a contribution gauge which will indicate where we stand versus our funding goal for the initiative. Already know which funding initiative you would like to donate towards? Click the link and designate a specific project.

Initiative #1-“Teach Me Too”   Project Summary

photo 4






Initiative #2- “I Thought You’d Never Ask”  Project Summary

photo 5






Initiative #3- Electronic Communication Tools   Project Summary

photo 6






Initiative #4- CSAAC Buddies   Project Summary

photo 7






Initiative #5-  “More Recreation, Please”   Project Summary

photo 8






For more information about any of these fundraising initiatives, please contact 240-912-2269