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Grand Champions Make a Difference


The Grand Champions Club is an easy way to make a difference in the lives of individuals supported at CSAAC.  As with so many families, our family feels very fortunate to have our son receive services through CSAAC.  It has made a huge difference in his life and ours.  However, this wonderful program that provides these services operates on very limited funding.  The funding that the State provides, generous as it is, does not cover additional costs involved in the day-to-day operations and services.  That’s where the Grand Champions Club can make a difference.  We found that this was an easy way to contribute on a monthly, quarterly or any other arrangement over the course of each year.

We would like to encourage all CSAAC families and any other family members to participate in the Grand Champion program.  Keep in mind that every penny benefits children and adults at CSAAC.  An added incentive is that all contributions to the program are tax deductible.   Being a Grand Champion is an easy way to make a difference; that is important to us.

Julio and Mary Marius