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“Through My Eyes – the InFocus Project,” a Social Enterprise for Adults with Autism

DSC_0017In an effort to provide more opportunities for the adults supported at CSAAC, we have developed an online store where individuals can run the operation by creating unique items for sale, assist with packaging and mailing items to donors, and build skills in establishing a business venture.

The idea began in December 2008, when CSAAC’s Director of Facilities Management, Master Photographer and Photoshop Professional, Craig Pardini, volunteered to teach a weekly photography class for the adults in the CSAAC program who wanted to learn a new set of skills.  During each class, a theme is selected and the individuals access the community to find subject matter. “I don’t dictate what pictures they take,” says Craig, “I suggest that they take shots of what interests them around the theme of the week.” Recent themes have been portraits of people, landscapes, architecture, group photos, and black and white stills. The skill level of the group has improved tremendously.

Once the photographs were displayed in the halls of CSAAC’s Jane Salzano Center for Autism, visitors started asking if they could purchase the photos for display in their offices or homes.  The idea of a web store was born.

Coupling that concept with an enterprise that is operated by persons interested in photography who aspire to run a small business, and we have a win-win-win opportunity.

Click here to access the online store!

For more information about the In-Focus Project, please contact Craig Pardini.