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CSAAC In-Focus Program Expansion

11:49am 20174 April 24, 2017

In-Focus founder and instructor, Craig Pardini, has initiated an expansion of the In-Focus program that aims to provide more individuals with an interest in the arts, an opportunity to participate in the program.  This expansion will add more community based photo assignments and provide individuals with resources that will afford them the opportunity to express themselves [Read more]

Valor Football Night Out

9:50am 20174 April 12, 2017

On April 7, 2017, individuals in the residential program – Javier, Gary, and Paul – along with Director of Facilities Management Craig Pardini, Residential Coordinator Jose Dos-Santos and Direct Support Staff Sam Morris, took an outing to watch Washington Valor Arena Football!  The individuals had a great time and fulfilled one of their many goals in [Read more]

April is Autism Awareness Month

12:52pm 20173 March 31, 2017

There are millions of people living with autism, and every day these individuals and their families face unique and daunting challenges that many of us will never fully appreciate.  According to estimates from CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network, 1 of every 68 children is identified as having autism spectrum disorder.  April has [Read more]

CSAAC Easy Food Prep Class

8:33am 20172 February 10, 2017

CSAAC offers a variety of life skills classes.  One of the many classes offered is the “easy food prep” class, instructed by Christopher Wedding and Kerri Kimbrell-Silva.  With the help of the instructors and the staff, this class gives the individuals an opportunity to prepare healthy snacks.  The individuals have prepared such snacks as [Read more]

Dance Night for Autism

Go to: to get your tickets now through the Bethesda Blues and Jazz Box-office !!!A portion of the ticket sales will be donated to CSAAC!!!   [Read more]

Holiday Ball Party

7:42am 201612 December 20, 2016

CSAAC families and friends celebrated the Holiday Ball Party with a formal dinner dance on December 16, 2016. After the buffet dinner, accompanied by an array of holiday tunes, guests danced to more contemporary music until Santa Wayne Talt  appeared bearing gifts for all of the attendees. Special thanks to Residential Director Sam Asiamah and [Read more]

State Senator Nancy King Visits CSAAC

8:29am 201612 December 15, 2016

On Tuesday, December 13, 2016, State Senator Nancy King visited the CSAAC headquarters office “The Jane Salzano Center for Autism”.  Senator King had the opportunity to meet several CSAAC individuals during her tour that was conducted by CSAAC’s Founder, Jane Salzano.  Senator King is also a neighbor and a longtime supporter of CSAAC.   Thank [Read more]

The In-Focus Photography 2017 Calendars

8:45am 201611 November 28, 2016

The “Through My Eyes – the In-Focus Project,” a Social Enterprise for Adults with Autism has launched their 2017 calendar!  For 2017, there are two different types of calendars offered.  There is a full size wall calendar and a tent calendar.  These calendars feature the photographer’s “best of” photographs throughout the years.  If you [Read more]

Martina McBride at Strathmore benefiting CSAAC

4:16pm 201611 November 14, 2016

On Sunday, November 13, 2016, CSAAC presented Martina McBride at the Music Center at Strathmore for a concert to benefit CSAAC and it was a huge success!  CSAAC would like to give a big thank you to all of our sponsors for making this possible: Presenting Sponsors: Kaiser Permanente; The Insurance Exchange; and Gaetano [Read more]

Vacation Time

8:47am 201610 October 10, 2016

Over the summer of 2016, CSAAC individuals enjoyed a nice, relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of Montgomery County. Many Individuals were able to spend some quality fun-filled time at our local Atlantic Ocean beaches. Typical beach activities include fun on the beach, the boardwalk and the amusement parks, and of course, the [Read more]

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