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Meet Mary

When CSAAC met Mary in 1981, she was a 22 year old living in isolation at Crownsville Hospital. Undaunted by her diagnosis and institutional designation, CSAAC welcomed Mary into its programs where she received appropriate supports designed to equip her with the skills and competencies to allow her to thrive in the community. Mary made a smooth transition into CSAAC’s Residential and Supported Employment programs and has never looked back.

Now 54, Mary presently enjoys a variety of activities including movies, dances, concerts, visiting Brookside Gardens and attending church on Sundays. She also participates in a bowling league, art & crafts, bingo and social groups. Over the years, she has worked as a package assembler, a cook, and an office worker.   After years of rejection, Mary found her place at CSAAC where she has thrived in all areas of her life.