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Support CSAAC

Why Support CSAAC?

Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children, Inc. (CSAAC) has been serving Support CSAAC 2children and adults with autism in Maryland since 1979.  Due to the nature of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs), many individuals CSAAC supports require lifelong assistance.  Many of the children and adults receiving services require assistance to perform basic daily living tasks, such as dressing, preparing a meal, or participating in a recreational activity. CSAAC works with children and adults with autism using the best practices available, providing individualized support centered on encouraging communication and connection with the community.

Support CSAACCSAAC is receives much of funding from the State of Maryland and local counties. However, this funding provides only the basic necessities for the individuals supported. In order to be able to offer additional therapies, recreation, and extraordinary, life-enriching, community-based learning, CSAAC relies on private donations.

Ways You Can Donate

1) Donate securely online using this link.

2) Make your charitable donation payable to CSAAC and mail your donation to:


8615 East Village Avenue
Montgomery Village, MD  20886
Phone: (240) 912-2269

3) Call CSAAC’s Administration team at 240-912-2269, and we will be happy to walk you through the donation process over the phone.

4) Join The Grand Champions Club!  For your donation of just $85 per month, you will receive this limited edition Grand Champions Club pin, pictured below.  Automatic monthly billing makes it easy to give. Contact 240-912-2269 to learn more and join today.


5) Support the In-Focus Project with a purchase from our on-line store.

Click here to access the CSAAC Web Store: Through My Eyes – the In-Focus Project a Social Enterprise for Adults with Autism


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For more details on CSAAC’s Charitable Giving programs, click here.

Donations to CSAAC are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. A copy of CSAAC, Inc. financial statements are available upon request by contacting CSAAC, 8615 East Village Avenue Montgomery Village, MD 20886. Documents and information are also available from the Maryland Secretary of State for the cost of copies and postage. For more information, contact 240-912-2269.