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Sustaining Gifts

The CSAAC Legacy Fund

Preparing for the Future…

Why Now?

We all see it coming; the statistics are staggering.  Over the next 20 years, the number of adults with autism in the United States who will require residential services will increase seven-fold, according to a recent study (D. Rogers, ASA Advocate, 2011).  The future of funding those already receiving services and those who will need services will become increasingly unstable.

In light of the expected exponential increases in need, CSAAC projects that services will not be funded at the levels that they are today and CSAAC will need additional private funding to continue to offer life-enriching services, such as recreational activities, diet/nutritional services support and perhaps even adequate direct support.

CSAAC is proud to be a national leader in the provision of supports for children and adults impacted by autism. We have four decades worth of experience telling us what types of services result in quality outcomes for individuals living with autism.  We know that state funding alone does not presently yield enhanced lives for individuals diagnosed with autism, so when resources begin to wane, we will need private funding to continue to provide the quality services for which CSAAC is known.

At CSAAC, we all share a common vision: A better future for children and adults living with autism.   The provision of supports for children and adults with autism has come a long way since CSAAC was founded in 1979.  Maryland institutions are gone, in part, because CSAAC has led the way in proving that individuals with autism can live, learn, work and play as valued and valuable part of the community.

Your contribution to the CSAAC Legacy Fund will ensure that together we will be able to continue to offer the life-enhancing services we currently provide for many years to come.  We are asking that our families, friends and supporters to become part of something that is much bigger than the CSAAC of today.  We need your help so that the children and adults who so greatly benefit from CSAAC’s supports can thrive in the years ahead.  Please join us as we seed and grow CSAAC’s Legacy Fund.

How You Can Help Options for “Giving NowCapture

  • Donate through your IRA account through a “Charitable IRA Rollover”
  • Donate appreciated stocks, mutual funds or property
  • Donate a Charitable Gift Annuity

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Options for “Giving in the Future”

  • Leave a Bequest.  By far, this is the most popular giving method.  You may make a bequest through your will to donate a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to CSAAC.
  • Life Insurance.  CSAAC can be named as the beneficiary of a new or an existing life insurance policy.  If CSAAC is named as the owner of the policy, all of your premium payments are charitable deductions.
  • Retirement Plan Assets.  Significant tax benefits can be gained by naming CSAAC as a beneficiary of some or all of your retirement plan assets.  This option allows you to defer your gift to the end of your lifetime, and reduce the size of your estate, thus reducing the potential tax burden on your heirs. The dollars are tax-free to the charity.  All you need to do is send a letter to your IRA account manager. We can assist you with this.
  • Create a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust. A charitable lead annuity trust gives you a way to make a larger gift to charity, get a tax break, and eventually leave assets to family members. The income from the trust would be paid to CSAAC over a fixed number of years. These trusts also enable you to avoid the federal gift and estate taxes that would normally be paid by your heirs. The trust can be activated now or at the end of your lifetime. Ask your estate planning expert about this, and if you don’t have one, we can find one for you.

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