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Below are volunteer opportunities at CSAAC.  CSAAC is an approved SSL volunteer agency in Montgomery County, MD.  

Member of House Inspection Team, Board Chair: Jane Salzano

What it involves:

Members of the House Inspection Team receive a one hour training on how to assess the condition of a residential unit which houses children or adults supported at CSAAC.  Members of the team are then assigned one or two houses to inspect up to three times over the course of one year and provide feedback both to the Residential Director and to the CSAAC Board Evaluation Committee. The time commitment is between 4 and 7 hours per year.


Emergency Response Team, CSAAC Contact: Chris Drayton

What it involves:

When inclement weather hits, there are times when staff are unable to get to or from work. If you have a rugged vehicle and/or do not fear the snow, we could use your help in getting staff to and from work to provide shift relief. Sometimes staff are stranded for days due to snow. In those instances we can use all the help we can get to get relief staff for coverage to the houses and help them get home.

When do I start: Whenever bad weather strikes

Grass-cutting and Landscaping, CSAAC Contact: Craig Pardini

What it involves:

CSAAC spends tens of thousands of dollars each year just cutting grass and maintaining landscaping. If you have a passion for outside work and a way to transport a lawn mower or trimming equipment, you can help. Any savings we can obtain by a volunteer team of landscapers or grass cutters would directly benefit programming for the children and adults supported at CSAAC.

When do I start: Whenever grass, weeds or tree limbs grow.


Fleet Management Assistance, CSAAC Contact: Chris Drayton

What it involves:

Many times in a given week, vans need to be transported for maintenance or service, tags needs to be picked up from the DMV or vehicles need to be re-distributed to houses.If you have a driver’s license, you can help with the needs of the Transportation Director by providing your contact information and days/times when he could call you for assistance

When do I start: Availability is on an as needed basis; trips can be coordinated in advance.

 Other Volunteering Opportunities, CSAAC Contact: Craig Pardini

Opportunities are available at our school campus in Brookeville, Maryland, our Headquarters at the Jane Salzano Center in Montgomery Village, and at our 52 community living residences for children and adults with Autism supported through CSAAC services. Most of our residences are within Montgomery Village, but some are in Gaithersburg, Rockville, Wheaton, and Silver Spring.

CSACC’s Community School of Maryland, Brookeville Campus:

 Beautification and landscaping school grounds including   pulling weeds, cutting back bushes, planting flowers, mulching, etc.

  1. Spring/Summer: Outdoor fitness equipment installation and path design
  2. Maintenance repairs for individuals with experience
  3. Painting various rooms in the school
  4. Policing the grounds for trash
  5. Power washing or cleaning the outside of buildings
  6. Spring and detail cleaning and window cleaning
  7. Volunteering to set-up, serve food, and clean up after dance parties for our residents held in the gym on campus. Events are held several times each year, including Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and December Holidays and usually involve buffet service where help is badly needed- 300 residents, their staff, and families attend.

East Village Headquarters Facility:

 Professional / Administrative Projects:

  1. Serving on an event committee, helping brainstorm ideas for fundraising, collect auction items, solicit sponsorships and donations for a variety of events
  2. IT / Computer assistance, including 3rd party network audits
  3. Computer “health” checks
  4. Organizing supplies and taking inventory
  5. Data entry
  6. Filing and Shredding

Outdoor Projects:

  1. Beautification and landscaping headquarters grounds, including weeding, cutting back bushes, planting flowers, mulching, etc.
  2. Policing the grounds for trash
  3. Power washing and cleaning various areas of the building
  4. Wall and window cleaning

Residential Homes:

  1. Beautification and landscaping a residential home, including pulling weeds, cutting back bushes, planting flowers, mulching, etc.
  2. Maintenance repairs for individuals with experience
  3. Painting rooms
  4. Spring  and detail cleaning inside the home
  5. Going around to some of our 50 homes throughout Montgomery County and checking that computers used in each home for case management are operating correctly
  6. Friend visitor program.